A haricot vert by any other name is still a green bean

What a surprise to find among the young vines a handful of green beans ready for picking. Most were eaten right in the garden but I saved a few to photograph for showing off purposes, then I ate those too! Everything is growing bushy and big, and this is just the first of what I hope will be many harvests this season.

The lavender is in full bloom too. I love all the different colored and scented bushes we have at our community garden. Particularly the white lavender which is less intense than it’s deep purple “grasso” neighbor and more sweet than spicy. There are lots of things you can do with lavender, but making lavender salt and sugar is very easy. Hang the lavender upside down to dry (preferably in a dark place) and simply crumble the petals into the sugar or salt. They will infuse it with a subtle lavender scent. I use the salt for salt scrub and in some meat dishes. The sugar is wonderful  sprinkled on shortbread. I also like to take a few tablespoons and grind the sugar and the dried lavender fine in a mortar and pestle to frost the rim of a glass of lemonade. The lavender smell and flavor is intensified. Feels like summer.


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